Monday, October 15, 2012

My Boots

A little trail dust on my boots

I bought these boots about 2 years ago because I needed a new pair, wore them once and then basically forgot about them (my old boots were from Walmart and it was time to replace them).  So a few weeks ago when I needed a new pair of jeans I remembered my new, never worn before boots.  We were going to be doing work outside that required me to not only look nice, but I also needed to be comfortable and practical. 

I wore these boots for 6 consecutive days as we worked 15 - 17 hours each day.  It wasn't until the last day of our project that my feet started to hurt.

Just last weekend we went camping and I again wore my boots.  As I was talking to an old friend he asked me, just out of the blue, "Are those Red Wings?"

I looked at him slightly confused because I wasn't totally sure what he was talking about or why he would have asked me that.  I am not one to buy something just because of the label and I especially don't go around telling people what I'm wearing.

So as we're talking, I'm trying to quickly flip my boots around from the outside to the inside to the heal to the toe and wondering how in the world he would know what I'm wearing.  There was no embossing or label exposed that he would have been able to see to identify my boots.

So I asked him how he knew that I was wearing Red Wings.  He very confidently said, "The color."  I kind of laughed and told him he was right and that I love the color. 

I love these boots!!  And......................I especially love that they are Made in America - Red Wing, Minnesota!!  No more frumpy gym shoes for me.  My first choice from now on when I'm going on a hike, working outside, or just out and about enjoying the beautiful weather, will be my Red Wings. 

After 2 weeks of wearing them, I took them back to the store and they cleaned off my trail dust and put on a new coat of mink oil - no charge.  And from what I understand, I can do that anytime and they will also replace my shoe laces for as long as I own my boots (which will probably be the rest of my life).  All just because I bought a pair of Red Wings.

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